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Trade, gastronomy, tourism and municipal life - all information in one place.
Without downloading an app, without registering with personal data - but always ready!

Cityinfo.Cloud – Where to find what?

The crowd pullers, the international chains, are withdrawing from the city centers. The storefronts are emptying out. Is online shopping the only alternative?

Die Cityinfo Services ermöglichen dem Einzelhandel, der Gastronomie, den Kulturschaffenden, dem Tourismus und der Stadt mit Kunden, Gästen und Besuchern zu kommunizieren.

Bei den Cityinfo Services findet man alle Informationen unter einer Oberfläche – ohne App und ohne Registrierung! Aber mit der Möglichkeit spontan zu kaufen, zu reservieren, zu buchen und sich zu informieren.


Retailers want to be seen, show their diverse offerings to potential customers on a daily basis and, in the best case, sell them right away.


It's similar in the restaurant business: where is a cozy café, an excellent restaurant? What do they have on the menu, are there vegan dishes? Can I possibly even order them as take-away?


And the guests and vacationers? Where is the nearest attraction for sports enthusiasts, culture lovers and active parents? When is it open, how much is the entrance fee and at what time should I possibly refrain from visiting? 


Great cultural offers, events, publications and much more - bringing all this to the citizens in an uncomplicated, real-time and sustainable way.


Exciting for a city administration: Reaching citizens quickly. and as many as possible at once? New traffic routes, new regulations, new decisions from the city council. And traffic to the site!

Trade and service

E-commerce online and on site!

Sell directly – without complex and expensive programmed online store.

Show the most attractive parts or your complete assortment on the smartphones of your target group. In any case, all offers flexible, fast and up to date.

Bring your clientele to your store with on-site pickup or deliver classically to their homes.

Not every willing buyer wants to buy from the internet multinationals, but not every local retailer has had the opportunity to be found and considered with their efforts via their own homepage.

The Cityinfo Services provide the necessary traffic, because you are no longer alone in the net but as a local city community.

Your regular customers can decide: Browse in the store and pay online without waiting, choose comfortably at home, order and have it delivered or pre-select and pick it up yourself.

In-house, Take-away, Delivery ...

Which restaurant is nearby? What is on the menu? Can I order out of the house?

Even without lockdown, quite a lot has changed in the guest – restaurant (bar, hotel, cafe) relationship. Knowing what ingredients, ingredients, allergens are contained in his favorite dish is not only important for the guest, it is a matter of course.

Being able to conveniently send orders from home, office or hotel room is extremely appreciated, especially in these times.

Cityinfo Services can do it all. Via its own management console, the dashboard, the business controls what can be ordered, when, how and where.

And the guest decides: pay online via Paypal and pick up, or have it delivered after all, or eat it right at the table in the restaurant and not have to wait for the bill.

Learn more about the Menusas module, the digital menu ->


Food and drink


Music, theater, cabaret, artistry, talk and lecture:

Who comes to our city? Where does what take place? When does it start? Where can I buy tickets?

How often has it happened in your city that lovingly planned events, even with well-known artists, pass the audience by. Simply because the concert or theater performance did not reach the target audience in advance.

This is annoying for everyone involved: artists, organizers and audiences.

Cityinfo Services is the solution. Via the platform, culture is displayed on an equal footing with all other areas. With selection by genre or date, the event can be promoted in detail – gladly with current audio or video clips. If you like the event, you can book and pay for the ticket directly and the date is also entered in your own digital calendar.

The merchandising products of the event can also be offered at the same time. Super practical!

Guests and vacationers:

What’s going on in town? When is it open? Where can I book?

Normally, the activated location services of the smartphone point to the city in which you are currently located. However, the city can also be selected manually via the home page.

This way, the vacationing family can look up from home which local store offers what, which bar I’d like to relax in with my partner, or where the kids can find the pony farm.

Fitness trainers or museum visits, book guided tours and tickets, reserve restaurants and much more – simply and securely from the couch at home.




Reach citizens quickly and comprehensively?


Wie erreiche ich als Stadtverwaltung meine Bürger? Vor allem direkt und schnell. Ob Straßensperrungen oder Umleitungen, geänderte Termine für den Wochenmarkt oder Bürgerbeteiligungen – die Cityinfo Services sind auf den Smartphones der Menschen zuhause.

Schnell und einfach zu bedienen, können die Benachrichtigungen der Stadt jeden Bürger, jede Bürgerin erreichen. Und das in jeder hinterlegten Sprache. Gerne mit Bild und Ton. Oder sogar als Push Nachricht.

Only one QR code for every city


  • Cityinfo.Cloud is an ecosystem of its own, developed specifically for all the needs of a city and its citizens.
  • Via a free access without prior download of a native app, all stored information is easily brought to the smartphone of the user.
  • In real time, filterable and searchable and in any desired language.
  • Flexible, with real benefits, easy to use and maintain.
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Developed in Bavaria.

The solution consists of 3 basic parts:

A database, in which all participants (city, trade, gastronomy …) deposit their own, individual contents.

An administration console, the “dashboard”, via which all entries and settings are made.

The frontend as a PWA (Progressive Web App), through which the content is optimized for the smartphone and displayed on the user’s mobile phone or tablet.

How far you open the door, which door you open, or which function is provided when and how, is decided by the operator: you.

We make sure that there is room for all eventualities and wishes.

Therefore we rely on a completely modular concept, connected by modern API’s (interfaces) – among each other, as well as to already existing systems. The individual parts can be built, changed, adapted, switched on and off separately from each other. Exactly as the city and its partners need it. Future-proof, flexible, affordable.

The database:

  • The advantages of a database structure are its great flexibility and enormous capacity.
  • The content can be alphanumeric characters and images, but of course also video and audio.
  • The input and maintenance is done by direct linking via interface, via a simple Excel sheet (for large amounts of data) or directly manually via the dashboard.

The dashboard/administrative console:

  • Products, courts, services, announcements, etc. can be independently corrected, changed, turned on/off, deleted or promoted in the dashboard.
  • The dashboard runs – independent of the respective operating system – in any commercially available browser.
  • Individual extensions can be blocked or released here and increase the functionality.
  • Data entry and maintenance is deliberately designed to be very simple and should be familiar to most suppliers after a brief introduction.
  • Data import from the existing merchandise management system or manual lists are entered individually manually or in total via an Excel form.
  • After import into Cityinfo.Cloud, all data is in the right place and is displayed mobile at the same moment.
  • Image, text and audio files are collected in the media center.
  • They can then be easily assigned individually to the individual articles (food, news, events).
  • They can be exchanged or deleted just as quickly.
    Smartphone access:
  • Via a simple QR code taken with the existing photo.app on the iPhone or a scanner application on Android, the front end of Cityinfo Services opens immediately in the browser.
  • Here, the desired areas can be selected, e.g. The city, retailers, restaurants, etc.
  • With the global search, the area is narrowed down further.
  • From the frontend can be booked, bought, reserved or just viewed
  • The display is multilingual in all stored or automatically translated languages.
  • As an information and interaction platform, the software is an instrument of local location marketing and acts as a “digital shop window,” primarily for end-consumer-related offers (service providers, retail, gastronomy, culture, leisure, tourism, public services, relevant news).
  • An individual access of the location community to its own individual dashboard, the management console, is provided to paying providers automatically and in compliance with data protection laws. Here, local providers have a profile as customers of Cityinfo Services and can enter current content themselves.
  • One of the main goals of the Cityinfo concept is to build a bridge between end users and local suppliers in order to offer users fast and functional alternatives to simply ordering from globally operating online mail order companies, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, etc.
  • We want to bring people back to local stores more. E.g. by selection at home, from the office, wherever, payment by smartphone and convenient pickup in the store or restaurant. Through personal delivery service or even ordering and paying In-house.
  • The municipality and its partners can share any relevant content with users and the general public via Cityinfo.Cloud.
  • The concept and the technical implementation must be intuitive, simple, fast, and flexible for users and the partners involved.
  • A native app, on the other hand, must always be downloaded by the user first, and since it is thus dependent on the operating system providers and their stores, it must also always be built and maintained for at least two platforms in the mobile area.
  • A responsive web site with significantly fewer options is extremely complex to program, far too cumbersome, impossible to maintain by the individual providers, and increases dependency on the provider.
  • That’s why we rely on a PWA (Progressive Web App). A native app is very cost-intensive and inflexible for the intended goal. Only a PWA with a fast and intuitive access via QR code (NFC, RFID, or even via url) and the direct connection to a database system is suitable to bring users conveniently to the provided content and at the same time allow partners a simple fast way to maintain data.
  • Cityinfo.Cloud is more than a concept. We have already developed the complete basic structure with our international team of developers, including proven specialists in Cloud Services, AI, AI, UI, Networking and Databases. That’s why we can adapt the construct relatively quickly to the site’s indivdual requirements – including branding.
  • Since everything in Cityinfo.cloud, including the internal communication of the individual modules, is API/interface based, we can integrate external existing systems accordingly well.
  • All data is stored – appropriately protected with internationally recognized security measures – on large, self-scaling servers in Frankfurt/Main Germany.
  • Direct access to the data is only possible for a small group of people from the Cityinfo.Cloud team or the operator.
  • The data itself is encrypted, there is – except for direct individual access via the respective dashboard of the content provider and only there – no access for uninvolved third parties.
  • If required, the use of a modern decentralized blockchain system (e.g. Polkadot, IOTA) is possible.
  • A key goal of the Cityinfo concept is to build the bridge between end users and local vendors, offering users fast and workable alternatives to shopping at the multinationals.
  • We want to bring people back to the local stores. E.g. by offering selection from home, office, wherever. Payment by smartphone and convenient pickup at the store or restaurant. By personal delivery service or even ordering and paying In-house.
  • The municipality and its partners can share any relevant content with users and the general public via Cityinfo.Cloud – quickly, flexibly and directly.

Cityinfo.Cloud is part of Smartdatahub and is based in Geretsried, Bavaria (administration, concept, marketing and sales) and in Athens, Greece (R & D, development, software conception, programming, integration).


SmartDataHub is a brand of kpr kommunikation, Gelting, an experienced concept, marketing, advertising and PR agency. Owner Udo Klünsch, sales and marketing specialist, long-time managing director of the branch of an international company from the consumer goods industry, is on the road as a consultant and doer in the B2B segment for industry and trade in a wide variety of sectors. He develops business ideas and communication concepts and implements them directly with his team.


YORENDA with its CEO Evangelos Kasimatis is an end-to-end SaaS company (SaaS = Software-as-a-Service) specializing in the development of content-intensive native web platforms (app-less) that are directly available on any client device (smartphone, tablet). Using a modern software development framework, YORENDA’s solutions achieve speed, adaptability and interactivity in a variety of industry-specific implementations.

YORENDA became internationally known through its Internet platform Tripinview (https://tripinview.com/) for the tourism sector, which has already won several awards in Germany and internationally. For the Cityinfo platform, up to 10 dedicated and experienced developers are employed.


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Cityinfo makes your city smart!

A lot has changed in recent years. Be well prepared for the future: Make your city digital!